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Belt Buckles Tukwila


We pride ourselves on being the best western wear stores in the entire region. Whether you are looking for a metal buckle or clothes, you can find them all at our store, the Country Square Western Wear. We offer some of the most unique looking western belt buckles in our store in the Tukwila, WA area.

Most customers visiting our store are looking for unique western wear and accessories that they can add to their collection. Our metal buckle, shirts, jeans, boots, and hats are all designer products that can help you take your existing collection to the next level.

When you are looking for western belt buckles, visit our Tukwila store, and you will be able to find them for people of all ages including:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Children

Metal Buckle Tukwila


At our store, you will be able to find products from different designers. That is why you can find a range of western belt buckles in our inventory and on display. However, the highlight of the metal buckle that you see at our store is its durability, design, and overall quality. These are one of a kind buckles that can help you complete your western look.

Additionally, we offer western wear and accessories like a metal buckle, hats, and clothes for all genders and ages. If you want to dress your child in western apparel, you will find a selection for both boys and girls.

If you buy a metal buckle from our Tukwila store, you will enjoy:

  • Superior quality
  • Unique designs
  • Durable product

Western Belt Buckles Tukwila


Our store has become one of the most popular in the region. Mainly because we carry only good quality western belt buckles and other accessories, you will never find a cheaply made metal buckle at our store ever.

We can keep up with the demands of our customers and the product quality because we are a family-owned business. We pay special attention to even the minutest of things. Besides, our love for western belt buckles, accessories, and clothes has made us the leading name in the industry.

What makes us the best store for buying western belt buckles and wear near Tukwila?

  • Complete range of western wear available
  • You can buy all kinds of accessories too
  • We offer fragrances and jewelry as well

In Tukwila do you want to buy western belt buckles for yourself? Then visit our area store or call Country Square Western Wear at (253) 220-7674 today.

"The Home of True Western Wear."