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Belt Covington

Belt Covington


Modern apparel is liked by many; however, authentic western wear will never go out of style and is still loved by many. One unique accessory that makes your western apparel stand out is the look and quality of your belt. It is not just a method to keep your pants at the right height, but it also considered as a fashion statement.

Country Square Western Wear is your reliable source for the most authentic belts in and around the Covington, WA, area. You can rely on us for high-quality belts that are unique and will fit your particular style. Call us today if you want a belt that:

  • Enhances the appeal of your western wear
  • Is made of top-quality material
  • Fits your perfectly

Get in touch with us to learn more about our products or if you simply want a suitable belt in the Covington area.

Belts Covington


Belts are an essential accessory and deserve just as much attention as you give to any of your apparel. Ever since we were established in 1986, we have worked passionately to provide top quality western apparel at highly competitive rates. Therefore, we suggest you visit us, and we will introduce to the endless design of beautiful belts.

We stock highly unique belts for all our Covington area customers. Our products are not just limited to belts as we also make available all western wear including:

  • Boots and hats
  • Jeans
  • Shirts
  • Buckles

Come in and see us today!

Leather Belt Covington


There is nothing that says you are a class apart than when you wear any leather apparel or accessories. One such accessory is a leather belt. If you are looking for the best quality leather belt for you or anyone in the family, you have come to the right place.

Find your perfect leather belt with the help of our trained associates who can determine which piece will suit you the best. You can count on us for all your leather belt needs because we:

  • Are available seven days a week
  • Work with many awesome brands
  • Prioritize the quality of products

We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction levels through our excellent customer service. Call us anytime if you are looking for a high-quality leather belt in the Covington area.

Are you planning to buy a leather belt for yourself? Call Country Square Western Wear at (253) 220-7674 for top quality belts in and around the Covington region today.

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