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Belt Des Moines


If you are looking to buy a leather belt in the Des Moines, WA area, head to Country Square Western Wear. Founded in 1986, our store has since emerged as one of the leading sources for western clothing and western fashion accessories in the Des Moines region.

We offer our customers in the Des Moines area a fine collection of:

  • Stylish belts for men
  • Designer belts for women
  • Attractive belts for children

You can get a leather belt to meet all kinds of needs, be it for securing the jeans while working and during riding or simply to hold up your jeans. We can also provide you with a choice of solid and attractive cowboy belt buckles. You can even shop for other western wear accessories like a cowboy hat band and boots to enhance your ensemble.

Plan a visit to our store today to check out the classy items available. You are not likely to find a better place than ours to buy a leather belt in the Des Moines area. You can also reach us by calling (253) 220-7674.

Belts Des Moines


The lure of western wear and western accessories has continued unabated over numerous decades, unaffected by the changing fashion trends. This has resulted in more stores selling these products. However, not all places offer the authentic and top-grade items that people want.

Ensure your peace of mind about getting cowboy belts that are worth every cent you spend on them by shopping with us near Des Moines. We carry products made by respected manufacturers using quality leather. Striving to cater to diverse preferences and needs, we offer belts for Des Moines residents in a range of:

  • Styles of belts
  • Colors of belts
  • Sizes of belts

Plan a visit to Country Square Western Wear near Des Moines to explore our selection of leather belts. You will definitely get just the one you want. If you have a question in Des Moines, call us at (253) 220-7674.

Leather Belt Des Moines


While top-notch products and vast variety are good reasons for coming to our store for a leather belt in the Des Moines area, there are also many other ways in which we lead over other western wear shops. Those who visit us near Des Moines for designer cowboy belts are sure to have a delightful shopping experience.

Come to us with full assurance of getting the perfect leather belt, along with:

  • Western-themed wallets
  • Cowboy hats and bands
  • Variety of cowboy boots
  • Western style clothing

What are you waiting for? Check out our leather belt collection near Des Moines today!

When it comes to buying leather belts, Des Moines residents should make Country Square Western Wear their first stop. Call (253) 220-7674 to get started.

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