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Belt Kent

Belt Kent


Have you been struggling to find the right pair of jeans or hat for completing your western look? Then you can visit us at Country Square Western Wear to learn more about the kind of western wear apparel and accessories we offer. With us, you will be able to find a range of products including sturdy leather belts in our stores around the Kent, WA area.

Whether you want a new belt or western wear for yourself or your partner, you will be able to get them in our stores. Moreover, you can even find these apparel options for your kids of different ages. So, the next time you want rustic looking boots, shirts, or pants to compliment your western look, visit us for sure.

Here is why you should get all your western wear, including belts from us in Kent.

  • We have a range of options under one roof
  • Some of the best brands available
  • Professional assistance for product selection

Belts Kent


One of the most popular western wear accessories that we keep in our stores is leather belts. These belts are crafted carefully and have authentic western or rustic designs.

The buckles of these belts act as the point of focus for the accessory, making it stand out from others. It is not wrong to say that once you start wearing our leather belts, you will never look twice any low quality, mass manufactured belt.

The things that make our belts the best for locals around Kent include:

  • Made of good leather
  • Have a range of designs
  • Excellent quality finish

Leather Belt Kent


With us, you will not only find a leather belt and basic western apparel. However, you will also get to see a range of other accessories. Whether you are someone who loves western cowboy hats or riding boots, you can count on our store to offer it all. These accessories come in many different designs and patterns, giving you a range of options to choose.

However, the quality of our belts and apparel are never compromised ever due to the extensive list of options. So, the next time you want to buy western wear that is authentic and unique, you know where to come.

List of products along with leather belts that you can find with us around Kent:

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Accessories

If you are looking for a new leather belt around Kent or want further information about our store, you can give Country Square Western Wear a call at (253) 220-7674.

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