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Belt Puyallup

Belt Puyallup


There was a time when the sole purpose of belts was to hold up your jeans. You needed the belt for functionality and practicality. Times have changed drastically, and so has the importance of accessories. Belts have become a style statement, and these days, men, as well as women, tend to create a wardrobe of belts and belt buckles.

As a store offering a full line of western fashion accessories, Country Square Western Wear is the leading source for leather belts in the Puyallup, WA area. Make us your first and only stop if you are out to buy a leather belt that:

  • Enhances your western outfit
  • Shows off your good taste
  • Attracts compliments, and of course
  • Secures your jeans while you ride or work

Plan a visit to our store today to check out our leather belt inventory for Puyallup residents.

Belts Puyallup


Shopping for belts is not a simple matter. The right ‘waist clincher’ can tie the whole outfit together, but choosing the right one can be time-consuming and may call for much deliberation.

We understand this and strive to take the stress out of buying western wear accessories for all our customers. The belts available for Puyallup area residents at our store include products:

  • In the latest fashion trends
  • Made from top-quality leather
  • Of different sizes (lengths and widths)

Whether you want to purchase belts for men, women or kids, head straight to us, you are sure to find among our vast selection of the western accessories, the items that are just perfect for your needs. Since we carry only stylish belts that are made to last, you are not likely to have a hard time picking the ones you wish to buy.

Leather Belt Puyallup


Our store offers the services of very knowledgeable and well-trained associates to help you make the right purchase. Customer care and service have been the top priority ever since we opened the doors of our shop in 1986.

Expect prompt, personalized, and courteous attention when you come to us to buy a leather belt. The other things that we ensure for all our leather belt shoppers in the Puyallup area include:

  • Honest product information and authentic products
  • Competitive prices
  • A relaxed, enjoyable shopping experience
  • The convenience of 7 days a week availability

When it is time to get a new leather belt, all Puyallup area residents need to do is to schedule a visit to Country Square Western Wear. Call (253) 220-7674.

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