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Belt Tacoma


Your attire is complete when you have the right accessories. A belt is an essential part of dressing up and therefore, you must ensure that you have a good collection of different types of belts for your wardrobe in Tacoma, WA.

You can check out Country Square Western Wear when you are looking for the best cowboy leather belt in Tacoma. As an established company, we have the best collection of all types of accessories to enhance your attire and add to your style. Choose from various belt buckles like:

  • Western belt buckles
  • Cowboy belt buckles
  • Silver belt buckles

Get the help of our expert and knowledgeable staff when you are looking for a particular type of leather belt as we have a huge collection. Based on your requirements and your budget, our sales personnel will help you get the best belt in Tacoma.

Calls us now at (253) 220-7674 to find the best belt in Tacoma for yourself.

Belts Tacoma


Belts are an important part of your attire need. They need to be chosen carefully to get the desired look. Appropriately chosen and adorned belts and accessories can enhance the look and your personality.

Rely on our huge collection of belts when you are looking for something unique, appropriate, and affordable. When you shop with us, you will find that we provide the Tacoma region with:

  • High quality belt products
  • Helpful sales assistants
  • Wide range of belts and other accessories

With the huge collection of western belts and other accessories in the Tacoma area, you will be able to choose them on the basis of color, size, type, brand and price. You can then choose the best one that goes with your outfit. We want to complete your wardrobe in Tacoma.

If you have any questions, give us a call in Tacoma at (253) 220-7674. We want to help you at Country Square Western Wear.

Leather Belt Tacoma


A leather belt in your collection of accessories is a must. You can choose a formal one and a cowboy one to get the desired look with different sets of clothing and mood. When you are shopping for a leather belt in Tacoma, ensure that you get genuine leather and not faux leather.

Trust us to provide you with your leather belt in Tacoma. We have built our reputation of being one of the best stores for western wear and accessories like jeans, hats, boots, and belts. Shopping with us in the Tacoma area is a great experience as we offer:

  • Unique belts and products for your style
  • Hassle-free shopping
  • Competitive pricing
  • Products from top brands

Simply let us know about your requirement of belts and our sales assistants will help you find the ideal products.

Call Country Square Western Wear at (253) 220-7674 to learn more about our collection of belts in the Tacoma region.

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