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Bellevue Western Accessories


The true essence of an outfit you wear shows beautifully when you complete the attire with the right accessories and jewelry. If you are looking for quality cowboy belts and accessories, we can help. We at Country Square Western Wear offer a wide range of quality western accessories for Bellevue, WA residents.

As an established company, we can help you choose the best western accessories that enhance and complete the look you want. Some of the western accessories that we provide include:

  • Jewelry
  • Belt buckles and hat bands
  • Fragrances
  • Key chains

With the range that we offer, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose the right western accessories. When you come into our store our experienced staff will help you choose the right western accessories to complete your outfit, all within your budget. No matter the type of western accessories you are looking for you are sure to find them at our store.

Bellevue Western Jewelry


Jewelry is not only worn by women. Men western jewelry with style and attitude too. Our wide selection of western jewelry will fit any style attitude. Come into our store and let our staff work closely with you, selecting just the right piece of jewelry for you.

We have been meeting the western jewelry requirements of Bellevue residents for a long time. We listen to you, understand what you are looking for and help you select just the right piece that will:

  • Meet your budget
  • Be the right color
  • Enhance your style

We are proud of what we have to offer our customers. They return time after time to select another western accessory that pleases them or that special someone in their lives. Come and view our wonderful selection of western jewelry and experience our outstanding customer service.

Bellevue Cowboy Belt Buckles


Cowboy belts are personal. They are chosen not only for the size but the look they impart. You are sure to find just the right cowboy belt in our store that will meet all your requirements.

Whether you are looking for yourself or for someone else you will find we have:

  • The largest collection
  • Affordable pricing
  • Excellent customer service

Whenever you are looking for cowboy belt buckles in Bellevue, think of us.

Feel free to call Country Square Western Wear in Bellevue at (253) 220-7674 for any western jewelry or accessories questions you may have.

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