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Cle Elum Western Jeans


There is hardly any man, woman or child who does not love slipping into a pair of western jeans. At Country Square Western Wear, we help people of all ages and genders dress up in this popular symbol of the Wild West by selling premium western jeans brands in the Cle Elum, WA area.

Our store stocks products from leading denim brands, including Wrangler jeans, Houston jeans and Carhartt jeans. We offer wide-ranging options in western jeans for Cle Elum residents to meet their diverse needs. They can shop with us for a pair of jeans that can be used to:

  • Dress casually for work
  • Ride in comfort
  • Go about the city in style
  • Relax at home

We carry traditional western jeans as well as western designer jeans. Whether you want a regular pair of Carhartt jeans or western jeans with bling, come to us.

Cle Elum Wrangler Jeans


Ever since Wrangler jeans were introduced into the denim market, it has notched up unparalleled popularity and extremely loyal patrons. The Wrangler name stands for the ultimate in style, comfort and durability in western jeans.

We are happy to offer iconic Wrangler jeans for Cle Elum residents. Our shop sells Wrangler mens jeans as well as Wrangler jeans for women and kids. Don't worry; we have all different waist sizes and fits. Visit us today to check out our collection of Wrangler jeans. We are very confident that you will find a pair that:

  • Is made in your preferred design style
  • Fits your body perfectly
  • You love donning year after year

Cle Elum Carhartt Jeans


Do you want to buy Carhartt jeans and are looking for the best place to shop for them? Well, your search ends here! Coming to us for Carhartt jeans assures our Cle Elum customers of a pleasant shopping experience while they pick up their favorite pair of jeans. We:

  • Extend personalized attention to every customer
  • Keep a large inventory of Carhartt jeans
  • Provide accurate product information
  • Offer great deals
  • Ensure a relaxed, hassle-free environment in the store

Whether you are looking for Carhartt loose fit jeans, Carhartt traditional fit jeans or Carhartt jeans in relaxed fit, we will find it at our shop.

To know more about the Houston, Carhartt and Wrangler jeans that Cle Elum residents can pick up at Country Square Western Wear, call (253) 220-7674.

"The Home of True Western Wear."